Worx 20V Powershare HydroShot Pressure Cleaner – WG629E

RRP: £129.99

VAT: 20%

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  • Use it anywhere, even on the go, as there is no need to connect to power cords sockets or garden taps.
  • 22 bar water pressure and a 150L/h flow rate means you can clean even the dirtiest items. Great for cleaning items that don’t want really high water pressure like bikes or cars.
  • Compact pistol sprayer design which is completely portable and light enough to be taken anywhere for many camping & lifestyle applications
  • Variable pressure and water flow control, and lightweight enough that you can operate it one handed, leaving the other hand free to hold the object.
  • Pulls water from any source. Simply attach the 10m hose to the base and dunk it into any fresh water source, a bucket, tank, bottle or even a lake or stream. The built-in filter delivers clean water anywhere.
  • Delivers enough power to run through 3 full tanks of water on a single charge, so you can clean a mess anywhere you make it.
  • The Worx Hydroshot is part of the Powershare range. It uses 20V MAX lithium-ion battery technology. Share the batteries, save money.

Worx 20V Battery High Pressure Washer Hydroshot WG629E, the only high pressure washer you can take anywhere. Especially suitable for areas without water and electricity connection. Unlike conventional high-pressure cleaners – bulky devices that do not work without power and water connection via a garden hose – the Hydroshot is powered by a rechargeable battery and draws water from any source. The Hydroshot is the all-purpose weapon against dust and dirt – always and everywhere. Examples of use: Mountain bikes, sports equipment, terraces, garden furniture, driveways, boats, surfboards, diving equipment, camping, fishing and hunting equipment, cars, garages, balconies, windows, pools and much more … Including battery, charger, 6m water hose, lance and carry bag. Worx Powershare – Share Batteries, Save Money! All Worx Powershare devices are also available with / without battery and charger – Simply and easily use your existing Worx batteries and your charger and save money when buying new Worx devices!